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Retreat Days

Retreat Days (daycare) are a great option for social dogs who love to get out and make new canine friends. We also highly suggest this service for both current and former training clients who want to have the training they're working on at home reinforced throughout the day. Retreat Days include free play with the other Retreat Day dogs, as well as a regular nap time in the middle of the day to allow for proper rest and to prevent overstimulation. We also post daily photos and videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so clients can see exactly what their pups are up to during their day with us!


Cost: $44.00+HST per day

Hours: 8am-6pm Monday - Friday

Early drop-off: 7:30am-7:59am Monday-Friday, $5 charge, must be booked in advance

Our Retreat Day location features approximately 1500 square feet of indoor space, and just under half an acre of fully fenced outdoor space. Our main outdoor play area has tunnels, large tires, and a jump for the dogs to enjoy, and is covered in wood chips. We also have a smaller, wood chip free outdoor space covered in turf, and this is where the pool is located in the summer! The indoor space is equipped with AC and rubber flooring as well. 


Retreat Day add-ons

Below are the services available for Retreat Day clients to add to their dog's visit with us. Please note these services are ONLY available to Retreat Day clients - we are unable to accept walk-ins at this time.

Pack Walk


Our Retreat Day pack walks are 45 minute, structured, on leash walks. They are designed to help teach your dog how to walk calmly on leash around other dogs, as well as to provide them with some additional physical and mental exercise during their day with us. Please note that we have a limited number of spaces available each day.

Nail trim


Have your dog's nails been clicking on the hardwood floors lately? Are you nervous about trimming your dog's nails? Do they normally get them trimmed at the vet, but it's a bit of a hassle for you to get them there? Worry no more! Book your pup in for a nail trim during their Retreat Day, and let us take care of it for you.

Paw trim


Overgrown fur in between your dog's toes can be a real problem, no matter the time of year. In the summer it makes it harder for them to cool down, and in the winter it collects snowballs! Book your dog in for a quick paw trim during their Retreat Day, and make 'Grinch feet' a thing of the past!

Full paw treatment


Treat your dog to a full pawdicure with this service! We will trim their nails, trim their paw fur, and apply an all natural, vegan, cruelty free, and locally made paw balm from Parker and Co.



Have you been finding clumps of your dog's hair floating around your house? We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with regular brushing, and that's why we want to do it for you! Book your dog in for a brush during their Retreat Day to help control their shedding and keep their coat looking shiny and healthy between grooms.

Need a groomer?

We have partnered with Kirsty of Serene Spaw to help bring our Kitchener Retreat Day clients a unique and convenient grooming experience!

With Serene Spaw being less than 1km from our Kitchener location, we are able to work with Kirsty to help our Retreat Day dogs look their best. For a $10 fee on top of your dog's regular grooming cost, Kirsty will pick your dog up from our Kitchener location after their daycare day and bring them to her grooming salon where clients can then pick them up following their groom. They will go home clean and tired from a busy day of playing and a groom!

PLEASE NOTE: this service is only available to Retreat Day dogs attending our Kitchener daycare. In order to book this service, please contact Kirsty directly at;

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