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Packlife Policies and Procedures



In order to register, one application per dog is required for each service you are interested in. Once the application is received, our team will review it and determine our availability. We will contact you within 24-48 business hours to advise whether we’re available to provide you with the service(s) requested. If so, we will send you a Liability Waiver and COVID-19 screening form (more details below). By completing the Liability Waiver, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all of the policies and procedures listed here.

Payment policy

All services must be paid for in advance. Payment should be made via e-transfer to We will not be accepting cash payments at this time in an effort to minimize contact as best we can. 

Payment for walks and Retreat Days

We have two payment options to choose from for our walks and Retreat Days:

1. You can pay prior to each walk or Retreat Day individually

2. For those who sign their dog up for regular walks (weekly/bi-weekly), we offer a "buy in bulk" option for ease of payment. With this option you would pay for 10 walks or Retreat Days at once and we would track those days/walks for you. You would then be notified when you had one day/walk remaining, at which time you could choose to purchase another 10 days/walks.

For those with multi-dog households looking to have more than one dog walked, we charge $10 per additional dog for individual walks, and $15 per additional dog for pack walks.

Payment for individual training and board & trains

All training services must be paid for in advance. Ideally we would like all payments to be made in full up front, however we can work with you to create a payment plan should you need it. 

Payment for drop-ins

All drop-in services must be paid for in advance. You can either pay for single drop-ins at a time, or you can purchase several at once if you would like to book regular drop-in visits for your dog. 

Cancellation Policy

We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all of our services, but of course you will NOT be charged should you need to cancel due to an injury or illness to your dog or anyone else in your family. This of course includes if anyone is experiencing COVID symptoms, was exposed to someone with COVID, or is waiting on COVID test results. 

No-shows/late cancels will not be refunded or credited.

Requirements for all services

  • All rabies and distemper vaccinations and/or valid titres must be up to date. When vaccinations are updated documentation with this information should be sent to us if training is ongoing

Requirements for pack walks

  • All dogs must be social and not reactive on or off leash

  • Intact dogs may participate however females in heat must reschedule until their heat has ended

Requirements for Retreat Days

  • All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered 

  • All dogs must be social and not reactive on or off leash

  • Puppies 6 months of age and younger qualify for our Puppy Retreat Days

  • Dogs older than 6 months are only eligible for Adult Retreat Days

  • Dogs should be in good health, and you must notify us if any of the following are present:

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Coughing or sneezing

    • Yellow or green nasal or eye discharge

    • Skin lesions or hair loss for unknown reasons

    • New or worsening limp

    • Fleas

Requirements for individual training sessions

  • Dogs who are not enrolled in training are not permitted in the training session

  • A person may only handle one dog at a time during a training session. If two dogs from the same household are enrolled, another handler must be present

  • Dogs must remain on leash at all times

  • Owners will be provided with a slip lead in their first training session, all dogs must be on their slip lead for all future training sessions

  • Although we can work 1-1 with ill or contagious dogs, the client is responsible for informing us in order to prevent contagions being carried home with the trainer

  • All behavioural concerns must be disclosed in the training application prior to starting training. It is top priority to ensure the trainer is fully educated on a dogs needs

Release for all Services

In submitting any application and/or payment, clients consent to the following:

  • For their dog to take part in any training activities determined safe and beneficial by a Pack Leader or trainer

  • Play with other dogs determined safe and beneficial by a Pack Leader or trainer

  • Transportation to different locations

  • If the client's dog becomes ill or injured and we are unable to reach them or their emergency contact, Packlife Dog Retreat is designated to make decisions on veterinary care at the clients expense

  • Release of any photos and videos taken during any service to the ownership of Packlife Dog Retreat for promotional or educational purposes

COVID-19 Screening Form

  • All clients MUST fill out a COVID-19 Screening Form before beginning any Packlife service

  • If more than one person is taking part in the service (for example if there will be two people participating in an individual training session), EACH person must complete a separate screening form

  • Forms will be sent to clients via email once they have signed up for a service

  • Forms must ONLY be completed within 24-48 hours of the service’s start date

COVID-19 protocols for Retreat Days and walks

  • All pick-ups and drop-offs will be contactless

  • We will design a contactless pick-up and drop-off routine specific to you and your dog’s needs and home layout

  • Anytime a Pack Leader must enter your home, they will mask up, sanitize their hands before entering and sanitize any surfaces they have touched

  • Anytime Pack Leaders and clients are in the same vicinity, masks MUST be worn by all parties and a safe social distance of 6ft MUST be maintained

  • Pack Leaders will use their own slip leads to minimize contact

COVID-19 protocols for drop ins

  • Pack Leaders will sanitize their hands before and after entering each household, and will wear masks when in your home

  • Pack Leaders will bring disinfectant wipes with them, and will clean surfaces and door handles they have come into contact with before leaving

  • Pack Leaders will use their own slip leads when necessary to limit contact

COVID-19 protocols for individual training sessions

  • All individual training sessions are limited to TWO clients per session

  • Regardless of whether the session takes place indoors or out masks MUST be worn at all times by all clients and Pack Leaders

  • A safe social distance of 6ft MUST be maintained at all times during a session 

  • Virtual individual training sessions are available upon request

COVID-19 protocols for board and trains

  • Dogs and their personal care items (ie. bowls) will be picked up and dropped off from the client’s home

  • A safe social distance of 6ft must be maintained and masks must be worn when a Pack Leader arrives to pick up the dog

  • When the Pack Leader brings the dog home after their board and train for their included individual training session, our COVID Protocols for individual training sessions will be followed

  • All personal care items will be sterilized before being returned