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Below you will find detailed descriptions of both our group and private training programs, as well as our 2024 group training schedule. We offer a wide range of packages including options for puppies, adult dogs, and dogs requiring advanced behavioural training. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read testimonials from previous training clients.

If you are interested in any of our services or would like more information, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Basic Behavioural Group Training Program

Group classes provide an excellent opportunity for clients and dogs to not only learn new things, but to do it in a structured environment where they can also learn how to be calm around other dogs and people. Our group training program is designed for dogs looking to brush up on their basic training skills - it is NOT designed for dogs struggling with severe reactivity or aggression. If reactivity is something you and your dog are struggling with, our Advanced Behavioural E-collar private training program may be the right fit for you.

Course details

Cost: $600+tax

What's included: a slip lead and digital handouts

Location: 226 Riverbend Drive, Kitchener

Number of classes: includes eight 1.5 hour long classes held twice a week for 4 weeks

Days/times of the week: classes will be held on Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am

Class size: limited to 6 dogs total to ensure everyone receives 1:1 attention

Topics covered: dog psychology introduction, learning to read and communicate through body language, how to properly use a slip lead, loose leash walking, recall, the 'place' command, calm feedings and crate training, and socialization with people, places, dogs, objects, and sounds

***Our next group class begins on Tuesday February 6th, please contact us to register or for more information***

2024 Basic Behavioural Group Class Schedule

All of the Basic Behavioural Group Classes listed below contain eight, 1.5 hour classes twice a week for four weeks. Classes will be held on Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am.

February 2024

Start date: Tuesday February 6th at 7pm

End date: Saturday March 2nd at 10am

September 2024

Start date: Tuesday September 10th at 7pm

End date: Saturday October 5th at 10am

March/April 2024

Start date: Tuesday March 26th at 7pm

End date: Saturday April 20th at 10am

November 2024

Start date: Tuesday November 5th at 7pm

End date: Saturday November 30th at 10am

June 2024

Start date: Tuesday May 28th at 7pm

End date: Saturday June 22nd at 10am


Private Training Packages

Our Puppy and Basic Private training programs are held at our location (226 Riverbend Drive in Kitchener), while our Advanced training program is held in the client's home. All programs include a slip lead and digital handouts.

If you are planning on welcoming a rescue dog into your home, you can get a discounted $75, thirty minute session in addition to any of the below packages as long as it is taken before your new pack member comes home.

Puppy Private School

$345+HST for three 1 hour sessions

Designed for puppies aged 8 weeks-3 months, our Puppy Private School program gives you the tools to raise a happy, well behaved, and balanced puppy from the start. In this program you and your puppy will learn stress free crate and potty training, basic commands, loose leash walking, and calm socialization skills. 

A discounted $75, thirty minute session is available if you choose to do it before your puppy comes home.


Basic Behavioural Private Training

$460+HST for three 1 hour sessions

Our Basic Behavioural Training package is designed for dogs who have their puppy basics down, but need a little extra help managing unwanted behaviours. In this program we will cover topics such as loose leash walking, managing overexcitement, proper manners when greeting people and dogs both in the home and in the real world, calm feedings, place, and more!

Advanced Behavioural E-collar Training

$700+HST for four 1 hour sessions, plus Mini Educator cost if necessary

Our Advanced Behavioural E-collar Training program is designed to help dogs and their owners who are struggling with reactivity. We believe that the e-collar is not a tool that can simply be strapped on and used for corrections right away - we first need to introduce it in a positive way and ensure the dog understands what the e-collar pressure means before we can use it to tighten up on commands and correct unwanted behaviours. For this program we will only be using the ET-300 Mini Educator E-collar from E-collar technologies. This is the highest rated, highest quality, safest e-collar on the market, and it is one that our staff members use for our own dogs.


Training Testimonials

I truly enjoyed Claire’s training classes; they were welcoming and helpful - sessions that perfectly blend teaching humans as well as pooches. Claire is very compassionate, bursting with knowledge, and loves what she does…it really shows. I have worked with a few other dog trainers, but Claire’s program and her approach far exceed anything I have ever experienced; this was a completely different level altogether. I am unequivocally recommending Claire and the amazing crew at Packlife Dog Retreat. Prepare to be surprised at the depth of material that gets covered…including Psychology 101. Her passion shines through… a true teacher; adding lots of humour along the way. ALL of the dogs respected, listened to and liked Claire. I could go on and on…bottom line - if you have a dog, I feel this should be your #1 investment… you will NOT be disappointed.

- Ann L.
Basic Behavioural Group Class client

Claire and Packlife are amazing!! We just finished a 4 week 1 on 1 session and I now have a whole new dog! Claire's training helps you focus on building a better relationship with your dog which leads to a well behaved/trained dog. I can't thank Claire and her training enough for the changes I have seen in my dog and his reactivity! She is passionate and truly knows what she is doing!

- Koreen W.
Advanced Behavioural E-collar client

We have participated in several other training programs over the years and this one was the most informative and useful, and the only one that didn’t involve treat training! Claire and Mel are a great team and they are very welcoming and understanding of each dog’s needs. The program is very well designed and we look forward to future training opportunities to build on our new skills and knowledge. Thanks for a great month of training—we all really enjoyed it!

- Natalie M
Basic Behavioural Group Class client

Claire was very helpful with training our 2 dogs. She has simple tips and recommendations that have really helped. We have learned to be more calm around our dogs - especially when we are coming and going from the house and it has really helped! Really nice to have Claire visit our house too - so we could easily practice the various techniques.

- Colleen D.
Basic Behavioural Private Training client

I highly recommend training with Packlife! Claire and Melissa, and their canine assistants, provide the perfect combination of education and encouragement! I will tell anyone who will listen to take their dog there.

- Sandra W.
Basic Behavioural Group Class client

The group training classes at Packlife are a wonderful opportunity to access training opportunities with your dog. I highly recommend these training classes and have seen so much progress with my own handling skills and the behaviors of my dog since attending packlife dog retreat for daycare and classes. It is wonderful to be able to access training with trainers who already know your dog and understand exactly what you may be working through with your dog.

- Rachel R.
Basic Behavioural Private and Group Class client

We have just completed the Basic Behavioural Training with Claire and our 5 month old puppy. We learned valuable lessons about communication with our dog. The slip leash is amazing. We can actually enjoy walks now. We also learned ‘place’ and are looking forward to continuing to develop that skill as we recognize what a beautiful thing it will be. Claire will work on whatever skills you need to correct so that you can truly enjoy your pup. Claire was always punctual, professional and followed up with a reminder email of what we covered. We highly recommend Packlife Dog Retreat to help to make your pup a respectful family member. You won’t be disappointed.

- Ann S.
Basic Behavioural Private Training client

We cannot say enough great things about Packlife Retreat. A huge thank you to Claire for the private lessons. We have a large and full of energy puppy and Claire provided great advice and support. Claire was also always willing to answer questions during and after our sessions, and followed up with personalized emails and handouts summarizing what we learned. Our pup is now loose leash walking, and we now have the skills to handle his reactivity/excitement towards people and other dogs. I would highly recommend Packlife to develop a strong and trusting bond with your fur babe.

- Amanda H.
Basic Behavioural Private Training client

5 stars for Claire "The Dog Whisperer" Guistini - you were amazing! Our lovable Bernedoodle Charlie was having some reactivity issues with certain dogs so we called on Claire - and with just 4 sessions - she was able to teach us (and more importantly Charlie) so much! Charlie absolutely loved Claire - it's obvious the connection she has with dogs. Claire patiently answered our questions and was just a pleasure to work with. We look forward to having Charlie see her more at Packlife's daycare. Thanks again Claire for making a difference!

- Mike & Stella P.
Advanced Behavioural E-collar

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