Below you will find all of our training services listed, along with their descriptions and prices. We offer a wide range of packages including options for puppies, adult dogs, and dogs requiring advanced behavioural training.

If you are interested in any of our services or would like more information, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


Individual Training Packages

All of our individual training packages include a slip lead and digital handouts. 

If you are planning on welcoming a rescue dog into your home, you can get a discounted $75, thirty minute session in addition to any of the below packages as long as it is taken before your new pack member comes home.


Puppy Private School

$345+HST for three 1 hour sessions

Designed for puppies aged 8 weeks-3 months, our Puppy Private School program gives you the tools to raise a happy, well behaved, and balanced puppy from the start. In this program you and your puppy will learn stress free crate and potty training, basic commands, loose leash walking, and calm socialization skills. 

A discounted $75, thirty minute session is available if you choose to do it before your puppy comes home.


Basic Behavioural Training

$460+HST for three 1 hour sessions

Our Basic Behavioural Training package is designed for dogs who have their puppy basics down, but need a little extra help managing unwanted behaviours. In this program we will cover topics such as loose leash walking, managing overexcitement, proper manners when greeting people and dogs both in the home and in the real world, calm feedings, place, and more!

Advanced Behavioural Training

$575+HST for three 1 hour sessions

Our Advanced Behavioural Training program is designed to help dogs and their owners with more severe behavioural challenges including reactivity, aggression, and anxiety. We will work hand in hand with you to address these issues at their root, giving you the tools to not only interrupt these unwanted behaviours but to prevent them entirely.

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